Jim played Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream!

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra teamed up with the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey to create a mashup of the original A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM with Mendelssohn's symphony of the same name. Ten actors, directed by Bonnie J. Monte, played all the roles while a sixty-piece orchestra was conducted by Jacques Lacombe. Jim played Bottom, a working man who is turned into a donkey by a mischievous fairy. Later Bottom himself performs in a play-within-the-play:

Photo by wonderful actor Tim Liu.


Jim played Shakespeare in EQUIVOCATION

 The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey presented EQUIVOCATION by Bill Cain, Sept. 16 to Oct. 4, 2015.  A fascinating and engaging look at the creation of one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, the play explores what might have happened if the British government had commissioned him to write the "true history" of the infamous Gunpowder Plot.  Jim played the man himself, Shakespeare, in this play called "Shag."  The New York Times called his portrayal "touching."


Jim's TV "reel"

A compilation of some of Jim's television work.


Appearing in new DRAMA IMPROV series on Lifetime!

Jim will play Dr. Siegel, a marriage counselor, in an episode of Lifetime's new series "I Love You...But I Lied."  Episodes are shot as improvisation based on explosive situations that actually happened in couples' lives.  Episode airs May 6 (or possibly May 13) at 10pm on Lifetime.


Interview: "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" at the Denver Center Theatre Co.


The Denver Center Theatre Company's John Moore interviews Jim about playing Bob Cratchit, his early theatrical experiences, and the green roof home he's building.