Scroll down to view samples of Jim Reilly's commercial and web work with McDonald's, Diet Coke, The Onion News Network, NY Lotto, and more!

New Psychedelic Weight Loss Drug Transforms Food Into Monstrous Hallucinations

"This spoof news spot is from The Onion News Network, now available on the IFC channel."


"A licensed acupuncturist worked on me for this one.  The nurse, however, is an actor."


"This one cast in New York, but shot in LA.  That was quite a kick!"


"No, that's...not me.  I appear about halfway through."


Attractive Girls Union Refuses To Enter Into Talks With Mike Greenman

"The director of this spot taught me how to sound like a 'talking head' on a news channel: loud, fast, monotone, and arrogant."